On Display

A digital artwork called "On a Plate (self-portrait)" by artist Roger Dickinson
“On a Plate (self-portrait)” — 762x762mm

The prestigious Mid West Art Prize exhibition, run biennially by the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, returns this year from 16th February to 30th March 2019, and I am very pleased to be participating again.

“On a Plate (self-portrait)” is one of a series of digital drawings of iconic consumer items that have had a memorable impact upon my life. Learning to use an elderly and complex Speed Graphic plate camera in the 1970s was a seminal phase in my personal development as a photographer and artist, becoming an integral part of my identity.

In the first half of the 20th century, these cameras represented the cutting edge of imaging and were used heavily by professional photographers.  Acknowledging the camera’s technical sophistication, I created the artwork using current technology (ie drawn with a stylus and graphics tablet, and printed by dye sublimation on high-gloss aluminium).

An artwork called "Moonstruck, Sugarloaf" by artist Roger Dickinson
“Moonstruck, Sugarloaf” — 762x914mm

The wonderful Mandjar Art Awards, organised and hosted by the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery in the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, will be running from 3rd March to 2nd April 2019. My submission this year is a digital painting of Sugarloaf Rock at Cape Naturaliste, one of the most spectacular coastal landforms in the South West.  

It is an intense scene at any time and in any weather, and it has many moods. My artwork shows Sugarloaf at night, under the light of a rising moon, when the rich daylight colours of the ocean and coastline have faded dramatically, and when the rugged and weather-beaten granite faces of the island are riven with impenetrable shadows. 

The artwork was created with a stylus and graphics tablet, and printed by dye sublimation on high-gloss aluminium.